Celebrating it’s 20th AnniversaryFOREVER IN BLUE JEANS brings you an exciting new production for 2015 promising a great night out for all the family. The talented cast of 7 sing their way through 80+ classic songs, from BRENDA LEE to THE CARPENTERS, from MOTOWN to CAROLE KING. A whirlwind trip from the 50’s through to the best songs of today, this energetic stage show guarantees ALL THE HITS, ALL THE ENERGY, ALL IN ONE GREAT SHOW…

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Well here we are already in 2015 and what changes there have been for both myself personally and the shows. Of course 2014 turned out to be the saddest time for me as my beloved husband and business / singing partner …. and bass player……sadly passed away on April 29th with Cancer of the Oesophagus. Bob bravely carried on with the shows for as long as it was possible and working with our lovely folks was such a boost for him and of course he was a musician through and through and when all else fails we play music !! Luckily his voice remained as good as ever and he was able to carry on singing right up until late Feb. It was his wish that I carried on with the shows as he knew that without music, life would be very tough….in fact his words were that if I stopped singing he would come back and haunt me !!  So, carry on I am, and what terrific support I’ve had from my lovely cast and all my family and friends. In fact I’ve been surrounded by a huge hug and am now enjoying life again. Missing Bob every day but living as I always have surrounded by music and the nicest people in the world !!

As you may have noticed if you’ve been to see us this year, we’ve had a few changes within the cast and welcomed back 2 of our old friends. Martyn Cooper; Musical Director / keyboard player (also a great vocal arranger and band leader) plus Gary Thatcher amazing singer and what a mover!! Both of these great artistes have been a big part of the Blue Jeans story in the past and having them back on board is just great and what talented people they are and such professionals.  Graham Walker took over from Bob last March on bass guitar and I’m glad to say will be staying with us too. Graham however is also a talented lead player and was in fact the first guitarist in Blue Jeans way back in 1996. So it may be new faces but they are old friends of the show and it’s great to be working together again.

We had a production meeting way back in early January and decided that as this year Forever in Blue Jeans is celebrating 20 happy and successful years on the road we would go back to where it all began for us with lots of Country Music and Rock ‘N Roll.

Now onto the gigs we’ve done so far this New Year; Opening night for Blue Jeans was at The Courtyard Theatre, Hereford, a first night with a new production is always a bit frightening but we need not have worried, the crowd welcomed us with open arms and they loved the show.…. Job done !! The Mill At Sonning was next, sold out for the 4th successive time in as many years. Terrific venue  and I have to say that the new production is being received with such great enthusiasm  I have no doubt that 2015 is going to be a great year for Blue Jeans.

Our first night with Voice Of The Heart – Karen Carpenter at The Chelmsford Civic is once again a venue that we’ve been visiting over the past 15 or so years. It sold brilliantly and on a cold February night I thought that was tremendous! The manager was thrilled with the evening and I have to mention that when Rachel introduced me onto the stage they actually cheered….I did wonder whether they realised it was only me!!!

Staying with the VOH show for the next gig on Sunday 1st March at The Mill At Sonning, this superb Theatre Restaurant is the most intimate and the closest we ever get to our audience and tonight the atmosphere was electric and the show was received with rapturous applause and a standing ovation…..marvellous!!!  Saturday 7th was at Alvaston Hall for Warner’s Leisure with Forever In Blue Jeans. A superb venue with a sold out audience who loved the whole show and were happy to both sit and listen and to have a dance for the final spot of the evening. Blue Jeans is always received with such enthusiasm at the Warner Resorts and tonight was no exception. The Queens Theatre, Hornchurch on Good Friday April 3rd has been our regular Easter slot for 15 or so years and it never fails to deliver a great crowd who always love the Blue Jeans show. The feeling is mutual, this has to be one of our favourite gigs. The Haymarket Theatre , Basingstoke hosted Blue Jeans on Friday 10th and once again a regular gig for us with a loyal audience who were there to enjoy the new production and show their enthusiasm ! About turn on Saturday as we headed up the country to The Theatre Severn , Shrewsbury , a superb theatre which has the most amazing acoustics. They delivered us a great audience who joined in throughout the evening in the singing , the arm waving and the clapping along…very very good to be back here once again , we look forward to returning again next year. Next stop The Kings Theatre , Southsea and what a beautiful venue this is, one of our regular tour dates and one where we have built up the audience over the past few years. Luckily for us, it’s the same story at our next venue The Swan Theatre, Worcester, a great regular venue. However tonight was no regular gig as we had a power cut 20 minutes onto the show….no problem at all though despite the dimly lit auditorium on emergency lighting we managed to entertain the audience acoustically for  the 20 minutes we were left “in the dark”.. Quite a fun evening and one that we won’t forget in a hurry !..Last gig for now was at The Queens Theatre, Hornchurch with VOH Karen Carpenter, we usually visit with this show every 18 months or so and every time it’s absolutely great. As we’ve been going to Hornchurch for many many years we have built up a very loyal following and it’s always a pleasure to entertain this most attentive audience. We had a couple of old cast members in too so it was quite a reunion for us all……brilliant !

Thanks for all your kindness over the past 12 months, I know many of you didn’t know about the situation with Bob, but after all the heartache and tears it’s time to get back to the music. I must say that this year is going to be happy and 20 years in this business is worth celebrating ….. so come along and join in with the party it will be great to see you




“SIX guys, two gals – hey everybody, let’s do the show right here.

And oh! What a night, as Franki Valli once so eloquently put it. For make no mistake – this rip-roaring rocker of a show hits you straight between the eyes and ears right from the start.

In a non-stop stream of classic hits, it steams through half a century of popular music in a two-hour show that never ever falters in capturing the very essence of what it felt like to be young in the second half of the 20th century.

Song after song, this was the soundtrack to countless mis-spent youths and there must have been few members of the audience who couldn’t pinpoint exactly where they were the first time their favourite number came up.

At The Hop was probably the furthest frontier in time exploration, its fellow traveller Great Balls Of Fire too much of a hardy perennial to be accurately carbon-dated.

But it’s not long before the petticoats and blue suede shoes roll over for not only Beethoven but also the relative sophistication of the 1960s. The Four Tops’ epic Reach Out was a mini masterpiece, only marginally bettered by Smokey Robinson’s smooth-as-cream My Girl.

Before long, we were in Burt Bacharach territory, luxuriating in shameless retrospection with Trains, Boats and Planes and all those other stops along the LA freeway heading for San Jose.

Nevertheless, we all know full well what will be the icing on the cake – and that’s naturally going to be a full-on Abba fest, with the girls looking like Christmas cakes only twice as tasty.

This was a wonderful walk down Memory Lane, guided by a band of fabulously talented musicians who never once failed in pointing out all the incredible sites to see along the way.”

— Worcester News: Swan Theatre, Worcester

“Polish up your dance shoes, dig out your ten-gallon hat and practise your ear splittin’ Yee Ha’s”

— Encore: The Civic Hall, Guildford

“Big-Hearted, enjoyable show”

— The Gazette: Blackpool Grand Theatre

“The energy this show produces is enough to send a man to the moon, as the cast, is full on from beginning to end, singing over eighty song with over ninety costume changes…breathtaking, non-stop singing and dancing, excellent musicianship and first class entertainment”

— Civic Hall, Doncaster

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  1. What a fabulous show!

    We will be looking out for you somewhere near and we will be bringing as many of the family as possible.

    The music was excellent and the musicians – players, singers and dancers – were very talented indeed. Best of luck to all of you.

  2. Great show at Clacton last night. love the new format . Willsee you again when you are back in Essex

  3. Thanks for a fab show at The Brewhouse in Taunton, this evening.
    Looking forward to Jan 31st for The Caron Carpenter tribute xxx

  4. Hello you fantastic people,we have just returned home full of excitment after watching your absolutely spectacular show,the way you all performed was out of this world thanks a million for bringing back so many memories through your music,keep it up we want to wish you every sucess for your future together.

    • Thank you for coming to see Forever In Blue Jeans, we really appreciate your comments and it always helps to let the theatre know how much you enjoyed the show. We hope to be back in Shrewsbury in the near future. Keep a look at the tour dates on the website. Have a very Merry Christmas!

      • Your show in Tewkesbury was wonderful from start to finish. Brilliant choreography, very professionally performed by every one of the cast. Such an enjoyable evening…We were singing all the way home!, and look forward to your return to Tewkesbury…Thank you all for such a lovely time.

  5. sorry it took so long but had to go to sleep last night as early startbut now am home and not had a cuppa yet told every one I saw today they have to go and see the show my mind is still buzzing and feet are tapping best I have seen in years.
    Thank you all

  6. Hi guys,
    I have just received my Queens Theatre ‘What’s on’ booklet and see that you and Bob are there on the 27th October with your ‘Together Band’. What’s the line up?
    See you all in Clacton on the 27th July, FBJ. The Saturday (20th) before my son Colin and his fiancé Kim are getting married, perhaps you could dedicate a song to them?
    See you on the 27th
    Mike H.

    • Hi Mike,

      Thanks for your interest in our show at Hornchurch with The Together Band, the line up will be Andy Sapphir on lead guitar ( Blue Jeans and VOH Karen Carpenter, plus Eagles tribute show Desperado etc etc) , Gerry Hogan on Pedal Steel Guitar ( Albert Lee, Everly Brothers,Bill Wyman etc etc) and Bob Pearce ( Resident drummer on the many Wembley Festivals plus tours with international artistes such as Charlie Pride, Tammy Wynette ) on Drums.

      3 outstanding musicians and we are all looking forward to playing at the Queens, see you there

    • Thanks everybody for your great comments, we’re so pleased you’re enjoying the gigs and we love to hear from you xx

  7. An amazing night out in coming to see your show forever in blue jeans, it brought back memories of a bygone era of growing up with the Osmonds, also listening to songs I didn,t grow up with from the 50,s and 60,s. Congratulations to all the Cast for a brill show. Hope you come again to Yeovil and the Octogan theatre.

  8. My wife and I plus the brother in-law and his wife went to see the show,on Sunday the 15 September at the forum theatre Billingham-on-tees.
    The show from start to finish was value for money in every way and we left feeling that we had seen a great show, performed by every member on that stage.
    If anyone feels like a great night out , go and see this show and just let your hair down,
    you will truly enjoy a show. Well done to you all .

  9. Great night out at The Stables, for my Husband’s 50th on 21st Sept, we all really enjoyed it, now looking for dates for my Mum and Dad who are in their 80’s, they will be rocking in the aisles,

    • Yes, what a great night at the Stables, one of our favourite venues, we’re so pleased you enjoyed it as much as we did !

  10. Really enjoyed your show at Borehamwood last night. Great entertainment.
    Carole sang a song , I think it was called “Secondhand heart”. I have never heard that song before and thought it was great. Can you tell me who the original was sung by.
    Many thanks again for a great evening.

  11. Saw the show at the Castle on Friday night could have sat there another hour to listen to all the hits FANTASTIC.

  12. Saw forever in blue jeans last night Friday 18th April Queens Hornchurch, and yet again another great show. It is becoming a good Friday tradition now fantastic singers, please keep it going Carole.

  13. Hi
    We are all coming to see the show at southsea on Sunday to celebrate my dad’s birthday
    It would be great if you could shout out happy birthday to john white ? He is a big carpenters and frank Sinatra fan

  14. when are your next performances in fernham hall Fareham or kings theatre southsea ? love it when we went few years ago and would like to go again thank you m smith,of Gosport hants

  15. Hi there, saw your show at the Garrik Lichfield. Great show and fantastic singers and musicians. I would recomend the show to everyone. Will be looking out for the show next time it comes to the Garrik. Well done ya sll.

  16. Saw the show once again in Lichfield Thursday.
    New show, brilliant.
    Booked to see you again at Skegness, September 18th.
    Wish to meet you afterwards.

  17. Just got home after a brilliant VOH Carpenters show in Wolverhampton. Scanning future venues to see where we can catch the show again or the Blue Jeans show. Amazing musicians and vocals.Many thanks to Carole and her team. Peter and Sue Hudson

  18. just seen your show in the lyric theatre in carmarthen, really enjoyed it! and bought your cd to play in the car on the way home. ps is your lead guitarist, Andy single?

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